Be careful what you ask for, Team Obama (first published on Patriot Action Network)

14 Jul

It seems both ironic and stupid for Team Obama to ask for more of Romney’s tax info, to accuse Romney of possibly being a felon, to continue to dispute what impartial fact checkers, plural (to include the not-so-conservative Washington Post), have repeatedly said are false claims by Team Obama about Romney’s Bain Capital involvement, to pursue when Romney left Bain and what control he did or did not have afterward over Bain outsourcing jobs overseas, or not, etc., etc.

Yes, it does seem desperate on Team Obama’s part. It’s as if they’re just throwing whatever Jello they can find or fabricate against the wall, just hoping enough of it will stick to detract from Romney’s laser like focus on the economy and Obama’s abysmal record thereon.

It’s not smart to ask someone else to show more records of any kind, when you’ve spent millions to seal and hide all of yours, from K-1 through allegedly being the editor of the Harvard Law Review, from allegedly having several Social Security cards you’ve used to which kind of passports you’ve used in the past, from an allegedly fake Selective Service card to an arguably forensically proven, Adobe photoshopped birth certificate.

It’s not smart to claim, as your chief campaign advisor David “Astroturf” Axelrod recently did, that Romney is the most secretive candidate since Nixon, when the American public knows more about our fist president George Washington, from over 200 years ago, than we do about you and your real background, in this modern age of computers and almost instant information. See last paragraph above, plus your multiple, broken promises about a “transparent” administration. Now, THAT’s what’s preposterous!

It’s not smart to accuse someone of being a felon with no proof, period, but especially when it’s you who consorts with the likes of former domestic terrorist Bill Ayers, his bomb-making wife Bernadine Dohrn, and convicted felons Tony Rezko and Rod “Bloggo” Blogojavich.

It’s not smart to make an issue of when Romney left Bain Capital and what control, if any, he had afterward, much less that Bain “pioneered” outsourcing, (a) when so much is in question about your own Attorney General Eric “Withholding” Holder and when and what he knew about the Fast and Furious fiasco which resulted in the murder of a federal agent, or (b) when your own so-called “jobs advisor,” GE CEO Jeffrey Immelt, has shipped whole corporate divisions of GE to China, or, to touch on your “fair share” mantra, (c) when GE made record profits and didn’t pay ANY taxes in the same year, or (d) when you used taxpayer money to create jobs in Finland, China and elsewhere, or (e) given that you not only “outsourced” but actually used $2 BILLION dollars of taxpayer money to PAY for offshore oil drilling jobs in BRAZIL, while continuing to restrict federal offshore drilling licenses and the XL Pipeline, and therefore American jobs, here at home.

It’s not smart to try and make such a big deal about Romney’s wealth, when you yourself are a multi-milliionaire, or when you (and especially your gaffe-prone VP) do and say things which show not only how out–of-touch you are but also when you both tell outright lies, as if the American people were stupid. To roughly quote one of your alleged icons, Lincoln, about fooling the American people — you can fool most of the people some of the time, some of the people most of the time, but you cannot fool most of the people all of the time. So, fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me, try and fool me a third time and it’s time to vote you out of office.

It’s not smart to try and engender class envy about Romney having bank accounts in Switzerland or the Caymans and trying to “hide” his wealth and “avoid” taxes, when (a) there’s no proof he’s done anything illegal in doing that, (b) when several, if not many, of your high profile, fellow Democrats are doing the same thing, to include Debbie Wassermann-Shultz, the big-mouthed, say-anything-to-make-a-point DNC chair, or (c) when many of the limousine liberals of Hollyweird and Noo Yawk, with whom you prefer to hang out and who stage fundraisers for you, do the same thing.

I know I started this with “Be careful what you ask for…,” but maybe I should have titled it, “it’s not smart,” in keeping with an increasingly desperate White House, a supposedly “brilliant” but failed president who cannot run on his record, and the nickname I’ve often given Team Obama in the past — the Obama Amateur Hour Administration.

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