Who’s out of touch?

16 Jul

President Obama, in a recent campaign speech, made the point that if you’re a small business owner, your success is not really yours alone because the “Gubmint” did so many things for you to help you succeed, like building roads and bridges and things, oh my.

I guess lost in his rhetoric was the fact that ALL of us use that type of government-provided infrastructure, not just small business owners. People on his expanded, extended food stamp program also at least walk, if not also sleep, on sidewalks, for example, and they’re not contributing — they’re just taking.

Also not acknowledged in all of his blah, blah, blah was the fact that that’s why we have, and fund, local, state or federal governments, to do those things on a large scale which we, as individuals or small communities, cannot do for ourselves. Actually, that’s the main reason to even HAVE government at all.

Yet, Team Obama, with repeatedly discredited claims, outright lies, shock-value false accusations and typical, liberal ad hominem attacks, is trying to make Romney appear out of touch.

Well, here you go, Mr. President, with a perfect example of sounding really out of touch yourself.

Regardless of Obama’s intent in this speech, what he actually said should be offensive and insulting to every hard working and struggling small business owner, entrepreneur and innovator in this country.

Many small businesses most often succeed DESPITE the federal government’s burdensome regulations and requirements, not because of any real encouragement from it. They succeed because of their dream, persistence, perseverance and long hours of hard work.

The tenor of this speech was a slap in the face to small business owners everywhere, basically denigrating their efforts by telling them that their success is not their own.

Talk about out of touch, as well as arrogant, narcissistic and a lot of other unflattering adjectives which apply to Obama, he has once again insulted the same small business owners who it’s universally agreed create 70% of this country’s jobs.

It seems when Obama is not blaming or insulting the “fat cats” on Wall Street (whose contributions he still hypocritically curries and accepts), he’s insulting the little store owner on Main Street.

At least in that way, and probably only in that way, Obama is the persnickety, pernicious and prickly poseur president to ALL of us. He is, wittingly or unwittingly, an arrogantly and out-of-touch equal opportunity offender.

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