ABC steps in it — again

20 Jul

Regarding today’s tragic story about a mass shooting in an Aurora, Colorado movie theater, ABC’s George Stepha-what’s-his-name and Brian Ross rushed to judgement on the alleged shooter and his possible ties to — wait for it — the TEA Party. They later had to walk that bit of unvetted and false “news” back and apologize.

Good old ABC, when they’re not editing a video of Zimmermann, the Hispanic who was actually first identified as WHITE (you know, to make it a white on black story), to make him look more guilty, or they’re not editing a Romney comment to make him look out of touch, they just can’t wait to find ANY connection between the TEA Party and ANYTHING bad which has happened.

Where was your “coverage” on all the Occupy Wherever-for-Whatever protests, destruction of public and private property, public urination and defecation, drugs and rapes, hundreds of arrests, etc., etc.?

Hey, ABC, Journalism 101, properly vet your story BEFORE you go On Air with it and you probably won’t have to walk it back — and look like idiots — later.

Most of the Lamesteam Media, in their rush to be first and in keeping with their liberal agenda, often get it more wrong than they do right. Remember when Congresswoman Giffords first got shot? That was supposed to have been done by some — you guessed it — RIGHT-wing domestic terrorist. Turns out to have been just some addled, crazy guy.

Being “firstest with the mostest” isn’t nearly as good as being “firstest with the bestest,” i.e, THE TRUTH.

Correction: It was NBC, not ABC, which edited Zimmermann’s 9-1-1 call and Romney’s comments. With this story, ABC is simply following suit in also letting their liberal bias lead them into  inaccurately reporting the news.

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