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Obama signs Congress passed bill giving him (still) more appointment powers

21 Aug

I just read an article (…) which includes quotes from Senator Lieberman and a l-o-n-g list of about 170 executive branch appointments which President Obama now doesn’t even have to “bother” the Congress with. He can just do them all on his own.

It’s euphemistically (as so many of them are) called The Presidential Appointment Efficiency and Streamlining Act of 2011. It passed the Senate in June 2011 by 79-20 and the House just last month by 261-116 (so there’s plenty of blame to go around) and was recently (quietly) signed by Obama but obviously not picked up on by the MSM because of all the hubbub about Paul Ryan being picked as Romney’s VP choice, don’tcha know? Uh-huh. Or maybe because the MSM is still just not doing its job — AGAIN. Ya think?

My first reaction? ARGGGH!! UUUUGH!! What the FRIKIN-FRACK (or similar expression)?!! Then, after running around the room and pulling at my hair, I quieted down some and here are my thoughts:

Are you KIDDING me!!? So, it’s not enough that Obama repeatedly bypasses the Congress with Executive Orders and regulatory agency “rulings” and the feckless Congress does nothing about it, now they’re actually voting to GIVE him more authority to IGNORE them when he makes appointments to such important agencies as DHS, FEMA, DOJ, DOT, Treasury, Veterans Affairs, etc., etc., which Senator Lieberman excuses as allowing the Senate to focus on “more important issues” (you mean like maybe the first constitutionally mandated BUDGET in over THREE years, Senator?) and “those nominees who will actually shape national policy.”

WTF!!? Are you senile or an idiot, Senator, not to think that all those other bureaucrats in that long list now excused from any approval by the Congress also act to “shape national policy” in dozens and dozens of little, unnoticed, behind-the-scenes ways? What do you think Obama has already been doing with all of his czars and czarinas (about 40 on the taxpayer payroll) and all of his regulatory agency rulings? Now, you want to brag that “in a bipartisan way,” you’ve just made it EASIER for him? This is NOT the type of things most Americans want the Congress to “come together in a bipartisan way” over, you lamebrains. How about the damn budget? How about that infamous Joe Biden three-letter word JOBS? How about the damn deficit, debt and declining US foreign policy influence in the world? How about saving MediCare and Social Security?

Or how about insisting the DOJ and/or SEC hold somebody responsible, possibly even criminally, for the likes of Goldman Sachs and Jon Corzine simply not knowing where billions of their investors’ money went? When did, “Uh, I dunno” become an excuse any CEO could give a Congressional committee over such loses and apparent incompetence and/or downright fraud and still get away with it? Or has Congress forgotten how to do that from the days of Jack Abramoff, sentenced to six years in 2006, or Bernie Madoff, sentenced to life in 2009?

How about “in a bipartisan way” you spineless House and Senate so-called representatives of the people “come together” to investigate and hold the Obama Amateur Hour Administration accountable for all the waste, fraud and abuse of power it’s waged on the American people and our economy for the last three-plus years? How about THAT, Senator?

Get Obama OUT, along with LOTS of these spineless “congressionals” who are more concerned about getting reelected and going along to get along than doing their damn jobs!


Obama Attacks Navy Seals

17 Aug

I just read an article with that headline, posted by Conservative Bytes from the Atlantic Wire. Despite showing that the Atlantic Wire writer obviously doesn’t know that SEALs is an acronym for the Navy’s special forces SEa, Air and Land teams and should thererfore be all caps, whereas seals are furry and entertaining creatures to watch — except when being eaten by sharks, that is — the Atlantic Wire article is about the Special Operations OPSEC Education Fund, a group of former US Special Forces and intelligence officials, accusing President Obama of leaking vital national security secrets, which have been and are endangering clandestine methods, tactics and the lives of those conducting them in the name of our country, and taking too much credit for the killing of Osama bin Laden.

(And if you haven’t seen it yet, go to YouTube, look for “Dishonorable Disclosures” and watch it. It’s worth it. Then, send it to everybody you know.)

When the group launched its anti-Obama media campaign this past Wednesday, consisting of TV ads and a 22-minute film, it wasn’t clear if Obama officials would avoid a potentially messy confrontation or refute the military veterans publicly. We now know that Team Obama is not only confronting the vets publicly but also adding that it’s “the Republicans” who are behind it. Next, I guess we’ll hear how the-horns-protruding-from-their-foreheads Koch brothers are funding it. Liberals are excellent conspiracy theorists when it suits them. No facts, just conjecture and allegations.

Among other things, the article says, “…the 2004 John Kerry “Swift Boat” attack ads, which, however misleading, were painfully effective.”

“However misleading”? Seems I remember Texas billionaire T. Boone Pickens offering a $1 million reward to anyone who could prove the Swift Boaters claims about war protestor John Kerry’s lies were untrue. And seems I remember no one was ever able to claim that reward, which was certainly a good incentive for anyone who had any proof at all.

Here, Team Obama prove they obviously haven’t learned the John Kerry lesson — don’t pick on the military, and especially not the elite parts of it. Kerry was only a Navy lieutenant who lied about his Vietnam war service for political gain. Obama being president and the current commander-in-chief only makes it worse, especially after he’s taken so much credit for what the Navy SEALs did, resulting from intel efforts started by Bush, in killing UBL — also for his own political gain.

Just as John Kerry rightly learned you don’t pick on Vietnam Swift Boaters who have their ducks in a row, Obama will learn that you pick on our Navy SEALs and a group of former, veteran intel experts at your own political peril. Think what other retired and still serving military members will think of this “war on our military.” Oh, that’s right, Team Obama is already moving to disenfranchise active duty military from absentee voting in the 2012 election, so why worry, right?

It would seem the Team Obama reelection campaign “strategy” is to personally attack and deride your opponents at every turn and to pander to small constituencies, like gays and public unions, and to minorities, like blacks and Hispanics, while attacking those whom they SAY they admire, like small business owners and our elite military veterans.

Paraphrasing Obama’s sound bite that he killed Osama bin Laden and saved General Motors, yes, Osama is still dead, but it was the SEALs who killed him, and GM still owes the American taxpayers millions which will likely never be repaid.

If that’s what you want to claim as success, Mr. President, although I realize you don’t have much else to point to after almost four years, good luck with that.

Joe “Low Blow” Biden, Once Again the Gaffe Machine

15 Aug

Another indicator of just how much of a gutter campaign Team Obama is running this year came when VP Biden was speaking at a recent campaign event in Virginia and said to his audience that Romney and the Republicans want to “unchain Wall Street” and “put y’all back in chains.”

Gee, you liberals just can’t seem to get beyond the occasional slavery and plantation inference, can you, Uncle Joe? I guess that’s because you depend so much on keeping various minority and “victim” groups on the Democratic plantation and slaves to Big Government dependence, so that’s just part of the way you think. But, again, in Biden’s speech, no proof, no comparisons, no Obama program of their own. Just attack, attack, smear, smear, and fear, fear.

Biden is a gaffe machine, a buffoon and a blowhard, who lost all real credibility long ago. And I wonder who he thinks he was catering to with that fake accent? Does he think he’s Hillary Clinton, with the fake Southern accent, now? And by the way, Joe and Hillary, “y’all” is singular and “all y’all” is plural. Any native, authentic, Southern speaker knows that. So, since you were speaking to an audience full of people, your comment should have been “put all y’all back in chains.” It would have still been a lie, but at least it would have conformed with true “Southern speak.”

Obama Deputy Campaign Spokesperson Stephie Cutter has no credibility since she said she didn’t know anything about the laid off steel worker’s story and then it was revealed she had hosted a May 2012 conference call on which he told his story and she thanked him for it. Plus, the same guy, even wearing the same shirt, had already appeared in a 2012 Obama campaign ad. Oopsie!

Obama’s mouthpiece Jay “Smarmy” Carney lost the last bit of whatever credibility he may have still had when he basically admitted recently to not doing his job by claiming, when first asked, that he didn’t know anything about the despicable Priorities USA ad. Isn’t it part of his JOB to know about such things?

Debbie Wasserman Schultz has no credibility left, if she ever had any, since she told a bald faced lie on national TV about not knowing anything about the political affiliation of Priorities USA, when it was co-founded by Bill Burton, former 2008 Obama campaign communications guy, and its supporters are a pantheon of very lefty liberals who, as DNC Chair, she probably has on speed dial.

Bobby “Frat Boy” Gibbs, with his totally, totally unwarranted air if arrogance, never had much credibility to start with and is now even more irrelevant than ever.

And I won’t even waste time here commenting on David “Astroturf” Axelrod. His lies and distorted contortions are so numerous that they would require a whole, separate essay.


Keep telling lies, Libs. Pretty soon you’ll all be revealed for the liars that you are, hopefully even to the sheeple, along with your Liar-in-Chief, Obama.

2012 Presidential Debates — Games, Games and More Games

14 Aug

I’ve learned from Breitbart News that two days after CNN’s Candy Crowley dubbed the Romney-Ryan ticket “The Death Wish Ticket,” she was chosen as one of this year’s presidential debate moderators. Here’s the lineup:

First presidential debate:
Jim Lehrer, Executive Editor of the PBS NewsHour
Wednesday, October 3, University of Denver, Denver, CO

Vice presidential debate:
Martha Raddatz, Senior Foreign Affairs Correspondent, ABC News
Thursday, October 11, Centre College, Danville, KY

Second presidential debate (town meeting):
Candy Crowley, Chief Political Correspondent, CNN and Anchor, CNN’s State of the Union
Tuesday, October 16, Hofstra University, Hempstead, NY

Third presidential debate:
Bob Schieffer, Chief Washington Correspondent, CBS News and Moderator, Face the Nation
Monday, October 22, Lynn University, Boca Raton, FL

Notice anything in particular? PBS, of public funding and liberal bias fame; ABC, of selective editing fame; CNN, of barely in the cable ratings fame; and CBS, formerly of Dan Rather infamy and now equally questionable Bob Schieffer fame. One or two may be an exception, but these selections seem to indicate a trend — they have all shown themselves to be rather liberal “news” outlets.

Thank goodness, at least no one from NBC, the worst of the bunch (except for MSLSD, of course), was chosen. Of course, the Obama ever faithful and sycophantic NBC “News” will still be hammering away every night with bad things about Romney-Ryan, while continuing to give Obama a pass, as they have ever since his campaign started in 2008.

I don’t know if Candy Crowley is supposed to be some kind of news heavyweight at CNN, but I can tell from her picture that she is some kind of heavyweight. I don’t watch CNN that much, so I don’t know if Crowley is supposed to be a hard news reporter or a commentator, but her comment about the Romney-Ryan ticket was certainly commentary, or opinion, not just reporting the news.

It was similar to MSLSD’s Andrea Mitchell recently mildly mocking Paul Ryan for saying our rights come from Nature and God and not government and then taking the totally unconnected and illogical leap directly to saying Ryan was not a good pick for women. Huh, Andrea?

First, Ryan’s comment about where our rights come from was not original. It’s in the beginning of our Declaration of Independence, for goodness sakes! Second, what does that have to do with Ryan being, or not being, a good pick for women? In fact, Ryan is currently polling especially well among seniors, women and blue collar workers, so we’ll just see how that goes.

Mitchell used to be a reporter, and a good one, but is now a commentator, too, whether she admits it or not. I think advancing years and the MSLSD culture have affected her brain. Of course, hanging around with Chrissy Matthey, Eddie Schlitz and Radical Madcow could turn anyone’s brain to mush.

The so-called Commission on Presidential Debates made a joke of itself and its alleged nonpartisanship with this year’s moderator choices. I would have included ABC’s Jake Tapper and Fox’s Bret Baier or the well-seasoned Brit Hume for some balance this year. At least ABC’s Martha Raddatz is a better choice than PBS’s Gwen Ifill was to “moderate” the 2008 VP debate between Palin and Biden, when Ifill had a book slavishly praising Obama coming out within weeks of the debate.

If Romney and Ryan sense the liberal media bias in the liberal moderators’ questions this year, they should cause some Newt Gingrinch moments and challenge the biased moderator head-on, or, a la Sarah Palin with Ifill, just answer the question the way you want to answer it and talk straight to the American people.

If R&R realize they’re entering a hostile, liberal environment, take their time answering, and challenge biased questions with good humor and facts, they will demonstrate the liberal media bias for all to see and make their case to the public at the same time.

Liberal Lies, Lies and Damn Lies

13 Aug

DNC Chair and House Misrepresentative from Florida Debbie Wasserman Schultz epitomizes the full extent to which Democrats and other liberals are prepared to tell bald faced lies, always ably aided and abetted by the lapdog, liberal lamestream media, to stay in power. Hmmm, I thought it was mass murderers and serial killers who always have three names, but maybe it’s serial liars, too.

Schultz appeared on Fox News Sunday this past weekend and, sitting up pert and straight, looked guest host John Roberts straight in the eye and, on national TV and with a straight face, told him she had no idea of the political affiliation of the Obama supporting SuperPAC Priorities USA Action. Say what?

This was in response to Roberts asking her about denouncing Priorities USA’s recent and totally despicable TV ad inferring that MItt Romney was responsible for the cancer death of a laid off steel worker’s wife in 2006 because of what Romney did while at Bain Capital, (a) when Romney had left managing Bain seven years before in 1999 to “save” the Olympics in Utah, (b) Bain had taken over the guy’s steel mill in 1993 and, because steel mills all over the country were closing due to cheap steel from Asia, finally had to pull the plug on it in 1997 (which arguably means Bain had saved this guy’s job for four more years than might have otherwise been the case), (c) the guy was offered a separation settlement which he refused, (d) his wife had health insurance from her own job even after he was laid off and until she also lost her job, and (e) the guy’s wife, by his own admission in the ad, went into the hospital in 2006 to be treated for another ailment, the cancer was fist discovered then and it was already so advanced that she died 22 days later. All tragic to be sure, but no one could have helped the woman with her cancer at that point, and it was certainly not Romney’s fault.

In addition to repeating one of the newer Democratic talking points, at least three times, that Romney’s VP running mate Paul Ryan’s economic plan would “shred the safety net of MediCare for seniors” (proving the liberal MediScare campaign has begun in earnest — and, just for jokes, see how often that same phrase turns up on MSLSD, the alphabet soup networks and other liberal outlets), when in fact Ryan’s plan seeks to revise and save MediCare from its current and unsustainable path, Shultz also repeatedly maintained that Priorities USA had nothing to do with the Democratic Party, the Democratic Party had nothing to do with that ad and that she didn’t know anything about the PAC’s politics.

Well, that’s really strange because Schultz is a high-ranking, well-connected, liberal Democrat and, despite Obama’s alleged opposition to such SuperPACs (he was against them until he was for them, just as in 2008 he was against public funding of campaigns until he was for that — shades of flip-flopping and John Kerry), Priorities USA was co-founded by the ever smug and former Obama 2008 Deputy Communications Director Bill Burton, along with another former Obama 2008 campaign official Sean Sweeney, specifically to collect and spend money from wealthy donors, including corporations and unions, in support of reelecting Obama. How could Schultz not know that?

How could she also not know that Harold M. Ickes is the PAC’s president and among its key backers are Paul Begala, Teddy Johnston, Geoff Garin, Ellen Malcolm, Jeffrey Katzenberg, the mendacious misogynist Bill Maher, Mary Beth Cahill and Irwin M. Jacobs? In her position, I’m sure she’s on a first name basis will all of these people. As the DNC Chair, she had better be, or she’s not doing her job.

Most of you probably recognize Maher’s name as the pseudo-intellectual, atheist, HBO “comedian” who throws gross, verbal firebombs, mainly at conservative women, and who personally contributed a million dollars to Obama’s reelection campaign, but if you don’t recognize some of the other names, Bing them (don’t Google, in case Big Brother is watching) and you will see they represent a pantheon of very lefty liberals.

Therefore, like Obama, like his smarmy mouthpiece Jay Carney (who as White House Press Secretary practically admitted he wasn’t doing his job because he claimed he [also] didn’t know anything about the ad when first asked), and every other Democrat and other liberal who’s been asked, Schultz would not condemn and refute the ad, meaning that any and all of them thereby become complicit in its outrageous lies.

So, folks, we have Democrats and other liberals who have so far accused Romney of being a felon, twice (with no proof whatsoever), distorting his record at Bain Capital, of causing the death of a cancer-stricken woman, of “obviously hiding something” because he won’t release a decade of tax returns (when I’m pretty sure the IRS knows if he paid his taxes or not), and of just being a “bad, out-of-touch person” because he has accounts in Switzerland, the Cayman Islands or wherever — oh my! (none of which is illegal and which some high-ranking Democrats and their Hollyweird supporters also have — Hypocrisy, thy name is Liberalism).

Thus, it seems the Down and Dirty Demoncrats, desperate to hold onto power and unable to defend Obama’s amateurish and abysmal record in office, are determined to drive the election further and further down into the gutter by telling bald faced lies to the American people and playing the politics of personal destruction, distraction, deception, deflection and double standards. (See related: “Why Liberals L-o-v-e Jello” at:

Liberals play this game so well, there must be some Liberal Lying School for Semi-Socialists somewhere, from which Obama no doubt graduated summa cum laude (or so we must assume, since we’ve not seen his actual school records — from anywhere) and from which Schultz must have at least graduated magna cum laude. Anyway, with her latest “performance,” Shultz is surely giving Obama a run for his money as the new Liar-in-Chief.

If you’re a conservative, you might find some of this ironically funny (I do try to inject some occasional levity, albeit with sarcasm), if not also infuriating and sad, perhaps even pathetic, but if you’re a liberal or independent, please, please stop and think for a moment: Do you really want people who tell such obvious and bald faced lies in charge of our country, in charge of your and your family’s future?

Isn’t it time to stop supporting the party ticket and blindly voting in lock-step, or sitting on the fence, and instead becoming a little questioning and even angry at being told lies, even ones you may want to believe, right to your face? That implicitly means the liars think you’re dumb enough to believe whatever they tell you. Are you?

Sikh and Fort Hood Shootings — Comparison and Contrast

6 Aug

Yesterday I read a New York Times article about the tragic shooting in a Wisconsin Sikh temple. Part of the article stated, “The police did not release any details about the gunman or a possible motive for the shooting, beyond raising the prospect of terrorism. Thomas Ahern, a spokesman for the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, said the killer was a 40-year-old white man.”

I don’t understand.

There was little hesitancy to almost immediately brand this an act of terrorism and, quite frankly, given our normal knee jerk, liberal media hysteria, I’m not surprised that some have already leapt to the conclusion that the 40-year-old white man is a white supremacist or “skinhead” of some kind and that this was a “hate crime” as well. And all of that may be proven to in fact be true in due time. But, while the killing of any number of unarmed, innocent people by anyone is a tragedy, isn’t the “body count” of dead and wounded much less here than that of the Fort Hood shooting in November 2009? Seven have been reported as killed in the Wisconsin incident, whereas at Fort Hood it was almost double that, with 13 killed and 29 wounded. Both incidents are horrific, but isn’t the Fort Hood incident even more horrific?

Yet, then, the Obama White House, DHS and its sycophantic, liberal lamestream media all fell all over themselves to avoid calling Fort Hood an act of terrorism and are not prosecuting it as such to this day, going on three years later. And, as an aside, I have never seen a military court martial take so long, especially when there are so many witnesses to what happened. Maybe authorities are delaying, hoping that we “forget” and when the verdict is finally posted, it will not be front page news any more. Maybe late on a Friday afternoon, just as everyone is more focused on their weekend, as is typical when someone has to publish a story but to which they don’t want much attention paid. The White House plays this game all the time.

Perhaps it’s because the shooter at Fort Hood was not a white man but a militant Muslim jihadist and an active duty major in our Army, whom Army authorities should have already dealt with for his militancy, if they had not been paralyzed by the same political correctness which seems to have pervaded all of our military nowadays. To me, as a 25 year veteran, it seems our military upper brass have learned how to put on their pants without including their “manhood” these last few years. Then too, the Fort Hood incident happened on a military post, where the victims were service members and their families, who Obama, other politicians and even almost everyone in the liberal media universally say they admire and support, not in a civilian community, to members of a peaceful, minority, religious sect.

It’s quite certain that the Sikh shooter fits Homeland Security Janet “Big Sis” Napolitano’s profile of a terrorist, uh, man-made “disasterer,” better than the Fort Hood shooter does. Sikh shooter: white male, 40s, former military, tattoos, shaved head, didn’t say anything. Fort Hood shooter: Pakistani descent, male, late 30s, Muslim, active duty Army, prior contact with a militant Muslim iman, had among his possessions a “business card” with SOA (Soldier of Allah) on it, and repeatedly shouted “Allah Akbar,” as other jihadist terrorists have, while on his shooting spree.

Oh yeah, now I can see how one is a terrorist and the other is not, can’t you?

Target joins the gay marriage fray

5 Aug

Add Target to my no-shop list of Home Depot, Starbucks, JCP, and others who pander to special interest groups like politicians do and who sponsor gay marriage when they should just be corporately neutral on the issue. I can always get my home improvement items from Lowes, my coffee from Caribou Coffee or Dunkin Donuts (where, by the way, I don’t have to learn a new language just to order a cup of coffee and they don’t have a tip jar on the counter for just doing their job), and my miscellaneous items from Marshalls, Walmart or others. After all, liberals maintain that one great thing about America is diversity and choice, right?

Chick-fil-A was unjustly vilified, not for bashing gay marriage, as misrepresented by the MSM, but for supporting traditional marriage, yet those corporations which support gay marriage are celebrated in the MSM and by other liberals.

So, supporting Christian values, which represent at least 80% of the population, versus gay marriage, which represents about 1% of the population, is a winner? Who’s in charge of marketing for these idiots? Oh, they’re just being “cutting edge” and “hip” and “enlightened,” right? Or maybe they’re “evolving,” like Obama.

Corporations should be in the business (pun intended) of making money for their shareholders, treating all their customers and employees equally and fairly, and being corporately responsible members of their communities, NOT using their corporate image, sponsorship and contributions to support the personal ideologies of their CEOs.

I think the recent comparison between Chick-fil-A’s Appreciation Day turnout of hundreds of customers, old and new, at each Chick-fil-A all across the country versus the feeble “response” of the so-called Chick-fil-A gay “kiss-in day” a couple of days later says it all.

It’s like when the MSM constantly try to equate the TEA Party movement and the OWS movement, when the TP shows up in the high thousands, they have a definite message, nobody gets arrested, and the place is left cleaner than it was before, and with the OWS you get maybe a thousand or so, hundreds of which get arrested, they have no clear message, and they trash public and private property. There IS no comparison, except that one.

Political correctness may always be political but it isn’t always correct — or profitable, as Carbonite found out for dropping Rush Limbaugh, for example. Hopefully, Target and the others of its ilk will find out the same thing.

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