Why Liberals L-o-v-e Jello

3 Aug

Between alternatively drinking the Kool-Aid, sticking their heads in the sand (or elsewhere the sun don’t shine), preaching but not practicing tolerance and/or civility and dedicatedly dealing in duplicitous double standards, liberals also love, love, l-o-v-e…..Jello. How do I know? Here’s just one recent example, among many:

High Horse Harry Reid (“High Horse” because, as Senate Majority Leader, he only brings bills he likes to the floor of the Democratically controlled Senate for consideration, which include none of the 30 or so jobs bills passed by House Republicans so far) has once again recently revealed just how whacked out he is by saying that “It’s out there” that MItt Romney won’t release a decade of his tax returns because he’s hiding that he hasn’t paid his taxes and he’s hiding some of his money in Swiss, Cayman Island and Bahama or wherever bank accounts, all of which is allegedly something Romney doesn’t want the American, voting public to know. Oh my! How deliciously devious and despicable!

But, wait. Let’s apply a little critical thinking, which I don’t think they even teach in college any more, along with a lot of other things, judging by TV interviews I’ve seen of college students, but that’s another discussion.

First, Reid saying “It’s out there” reminds me of one of my kids when they were young bringing me a broken toy to repair and, when asked what happened, would only say, “It broke,” as if the toy just jumped up and broke itself. They soon learned that wouldn’t do and that I wanted to know by whom and how it was broken, to help them learn responsibility for their own actions.

Second, who put “it out there,” Harry? Oh, it turns out it was you who put “it out there,” and allegedly from an unattributed source, as well, no less. So, you put it out there, then announce that “It’s out there”? How clever! And since you cite no real source, if you really even had one aside from you own imagination to begin with, you’re repeating hearsay, which as a lawyer, you should know much better than. Oh, and also as a lawyer, you should also know that saying something like that about someone could be actionable as slander, to which only substantiated proof is a defense. I would’ve thought you guys had learned your lesson from accusing Romney of being a felon with no proof and then having to walk that back, but evidently not. Personally, I would like for Romney to have a couple of the several lawyers I’m sure he has on retainer to sue your sorry you-know-what for slander, just to teach you a lesson. But Romney’s a nicer guy than I am, which is probably what you’re counting on. I just hope he’s not too nice to beat Obama, but that, too, is another discussion.

And, of course, I know you were not in a court room nor under the rules of evidence. You were just shooting your mouth off politically and making an accusation with no proof, and then had the unmitigated gall to actually say that the burden of proof is not on you as the accuser but on Romney as the accused. Gee, I didn’t think you were Jewish, Harry, but what chutzpah! You make an accusation, offer no source, offer no proof, and then say that Romney should prove that your allegation isn’t so? Isn’t that akin to proving a negative, which most of us learned by high school math class is next to impossible to do? Or is it more like someone told me that you have stopped beating your wife, would you care to comment or prove me wrong, Harry?

And when you talk about taxes and tax returns, let’s talk about Obama’s Treasury Secretary, Turbo Tim Geithner, who’s supposed to be such a financial whiz but who didn’t pay his own taxes while he was with the IMF, or let’s talk about Jeffrey Immelt, GE’s CEO and Obama’s jobs czar, ensuring that GM paid no taxes at all on its most recent, very profitable year, while sending GE jobs to China, or let’s talk about a recent survey of all 535 members of Congress which asked members if they would release one year of tax returns and most of them declined (because, the same as for Romney, nothing requires them to), or let’s talk about how many of your fellow liberals in Congress also have money “hidden” away in Swiss, or Cayman Island, or wherever bank accounts, because there’s nothing illegal about it.

So, what has all this to do with liberals loving Jello? Well, aside from liberals’ dedication to double standards, they, not having anything else to offer against an opponent, often simply just throw Jello against the wall to see if something sticks.

That’s what High Horse Harry has done here. It doesn’t matter to them if it’s true or not, if it’s attributed or not, if it’s provable or not, if it also applies to them or not, as long as they can use it to distract from what they’re doing (or not doing) and/or detract from and demonize an opponent. Allegations and accusations are enough. Facts and proof be damned.

Although, sometimes, just sometimes, the heft of hubris and height of hypocrisy of liberals is absolutely breathtaking………and I don’t mean in a good way, either. Watch and listen to them carefully and you will see multiple examples of this love of Jello-throwing on your own.

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