Target joins the gay marriage fray

5 Aug

Add Target to my no-shop list of Home Depot, Starbucks, JCP, and others who pander to special interest groups like politicians do and who sponsor gay marriage when they should just be corporately neutral on the issue. I can always get my home improvement items from Lowes, my coffee from Caribou Coffee or Dunkin Donuts (where, by the way, I don’t have to learn a new language just to order a cup of coffee and they don’t have a tip jar on the counter for just doing their job), and my miscellaneous items from Marshalls, Walmart or others. After all, liberals maintain that one great thing about America is diversity and choice, right?

Chick-fil-A was unjustly vilified, not for bashing gay marriage, as misrepresented by the MSM, but for supporting traditional marriage, yet those corporations which support gay marriage are celebrated in the MSM and by other liberals.

So, supporting Christian values, which represent at least 80% of the population, versus gay marriage, which represents about 1% of the population, is a winner? Who’s in charge of marketing for these idiots? Oh, they’re just being “cutting edge” and “hip” and “enlightened,” right? Or maybe they’re “evolving,” like Obama.

Corporations should be in the business (pun intended) of making money for their shareholders, treating all their customers and employees equally and fairly, and being corporately responsible members of their communities, NOT using their corporate image, sponsorship and contributions to support the personal ideologies of their CEOs.

I think the recent comparison between Chick-fil-A’s Appreciation Day turnout of hundreds of customers, old and new, at each Chick-fil-A all across the country versus the feeble “response” of the so-called Chick-fil-A gay “kiss-in day” a couple of days later says it all.

It’s like when the MSM constantly try to equate the TEA Party movement and the OWS movement, when the TP shows up in the high thousands, they have a definite message, nobody gets arrested, and the place is left cleaner than it was before, and with the OWS you get maybe a thousand or so, hundreds of which get arrested, they have no clear message, and they trash public and private property. There IS no comparison, except that one.

Political correctness may always be political but it isn’t always correct — or profitable, as Carbonite found out for dropping Rush Limbaugh, for example. Hopefully, Target and the others of its ilk will find out the same thing.

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