Liberal Lies, Lies and Damn Lies

13 Aug

DNC Chair and House Misrepresentative from Florida Debbie Wasserman Schultz epitomizes the full extent to which Democrats and other liberals are prepared to tell bald faced lies, always ably aided and abetted by the lapdog, liberal lamestream media, to stay in power. Hmmm, I thought it was mass murderers and serial killers who always have three names, but maybe it’s serial liars, too.

Schultz appeared on Fox News Sunday this past weekend and, sitting up pert and straight, looked guest host John Roberts straight in the eye and, on national TV and with a straight face, told him she had no idea of the political affiliation of the Obama supporting SuperPAC Priorities USA Action. Say what?

This was in response to Roberts asking her about denouncing Priorities USA’s recent and totally despicable TV ad inferring that MItt Romney was responsible for the cancer death of a laid off steel worker’s wife in 2006 because of what Romney did while at Bain Capital, (a) when Romney had left managing Bain seven years before in 1999 to “save” the Olympics in Utah, (b) Bain had taken over the guy’s steel mill in 1993 and, because steel mills all over the country were closing due to cheap steel from Asia, finally had to pull the plug on it in 1997 (which arguably means Bain had saved this guy’s job for four more years than might have otherwise been the case), (c) the guy was offered a separation settlement which he refused, (d) his wife had health insurance from her own job even after he was laid off and until she also lost her job, and (e) the guy’s wife, by his own admission in the ad, went into the hospital in 2006 to be treated for another ailment, the cancer was fist discovered then and it was already so advanced that she died 22 days later. All tragic to be sure, but no one could have helped the woman with her cancer at that point, and it was certainly not Romney’s fault.

In addition to repeating one of the newer Democratic talking points, at least three times, that Romney’s VP running mate Paul Ryan’s economic plan would “shred the safety net of MediCare for seniors” (proving the liberal MediScare campaign has begun in earnest — and, just for jokes, see how often that same phrase turns up on MSLSD, the alphabet soup networks and other liberal outlets), when in fact Ryan’s plan seeks to revise and save MediCare from its current and unsustainable path, Shultz also repeatedly maintained that Priorities USA had nothing to do with the Democratic Party, the Democratic Party had nothing to do with that ad and that she didn’t know anything about the PAC’s politics.

Well, that’s really strange because Schultz is a high-ranking, well-connected, liberal Democrat and, despite Obama’s alleged opposition to such SuperPACs (he was against them until he was for them, just as in 2008 he was against public funding of campaigns until he was for that — shades of flip-flopping and John Kerry), Priorities USA was co-founded by the ever smug and former Obama 2008 Deputy Communications Director Bill Burton, along with another former Obama 2008 campaign official Sean Sweeney, specifically to collect and spend money from wealthy donors, including corporations and unions, in support of reelecting Obama. How could Schultz not know that?

How could she also not know that Harold M. Ickes is the PAC’s president and among its key backers are Paul Begala, Teddy Johnston, Geoff Garin, Ellen Malcolm, Jeffrey Katzenberg, the mendacious misogynist Bill Maher, Mary Beth Cahill and Irwin M. Jacobs? In her position, I’m sure she’s on a first name basis will all of these people. As the DNC Chair, she had better be, or she’s not doing her job.

Most of you probably recognize Maher’s name as the pseudo-intellectual, atheist, HBO “comedian” who throws gross, verbal firebombs, mainly at conservative women, and who personally contributed a million dollars to Obama’s reelection campaign, but if you don’t recognize some of the other names, Bing them (don’t Google, in case Big Brother is watching) and you will see they represent a pantheon of very lefty liberals.

Therefore, like Obama, like his smarmy mouthpiece Jay Carney (who as White House Press Secretary practically admitted he wasn’t doing his job because he claimed he [also] didn’t know anything about the ad when first asked), and every other Democrat and other liberal who’s been asked, Schultz would not condemn and refute the ad, meaning that any and all of them thereby become complicit in its outrageous lies.

So, folks, we have Democrats and other liberals who have so far accused Romney of being a felon, twice (with no proof whatsoever), distorting his record at Bain Capital, of causing the death of a cancer-stricken woman, of “obviously hiding something” because he won’t release a decade of tax returns (when I’m pretty sure the IRS knows if he paid his taxes or not), and of just being a “bad, out-of-touch person” because he has accounts in Switzerland, the Cayman Islands or wherever — oh my! (none of which is illegal and which some high-ranking Democrats and their Hollyweird supporters also have — Hypocrisy, thy name is Liberalism).

Thus, it seems the Down and Dirty Demoncrats, desperate to hold onto power and unable to defend Obama’s amateurish and abysmal record in office, are determined to drive the election further and further down into the gutter by telling bald faced lies to the American people and playing the politics of personal destruction, distraction, deception, deflection and double standards. (See related: “Why Liberals L-o-v-e Jello” at:

Liberals play this game so well, there must be some Liberal Lying School for Semi-Socialists somewhere, from which Obama no doubt graduated summa cum laude (or so we must assume, since we’ve not seen his actual school records — from anywhere) and from which Schultz must have at least graduated magna cum laude. Anyway, with her latest “performance,” Shultz is surely giving Obama a run for his money as the new Liar-in-Chief.

If you’re a conservative, you might find some of this ironically funny (I do try to inject some occasional levity, albeit with sarcasm), if not also infuriating and sad, perhaps even pathetic, but if you’re a liberal or independent, please, please stop and think for a moment: Do you really want people who tell such obvious and bald faced lies in charge of our country, in charge of your and your family’s future?

Isn’t it time to stop supporting the party ticket and blindly voting in lock-step, or sitting on the fence, and instead becoming a little questioning and even angry at being told lies, even ones you may want to believe, right to your face? That implicitly means the liars think you’re dumb enough to believe whatever they tell you. Are you?

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