Obama signs Congress passed bill giving him (still) more appointment powers

21 Aug

I just read an article (http://freedomoutpost.com/2012/08/obama-signs-bill-giving-him-more-…) which includes quotes from Senator Lieberman and a l-o-n-g list of about 170 executive branch appointments which President Obama now doesn’t even have to “bother” the Congress with. He can just do them all on his own.

It’s euphemistically (as so many of them are) called The Presidential Appointment Efficiency and Streamlining Act of 2011. It passed the Senate in June 2011 by 79-20 and the House just last month by 261-116 (so there’s plenty of blame to go around) and was recently (quietly) signed by Obama but obviously not picked up on by the MSM because of all the hubbub about Paul Ryan being picked as Romney’s VP choice, don’tcha know? Uh-huh. Or maybe because the MSM is still just not doing its job — AGAIN. Ya think?

My first reaction? ARGGGH!! UUUUGH!! What the FRIKIN-FRACK (or similar expression)?!! Then, after running around the room and pulling at my hair, I quieted down some and here are my thoughts:

Are you KIDDING me!!? So, it’s not enough that Obama repeatedly bypasses the Congress with Executive Orders and regulatory agency “rulings” and the feckless Congress does nothing about it, now they’re actually voting to GIVE him more authority to IGNORE them when he makes appointments to such important agencies as DHS, FEMA, DOJ, DOT, Treasury, Veterans Affairs, etc., etc., which Senator Lieberman excuses as allowing the Senate to focus on “more important issues” (you mean like maybe the first constitutionally mandated BUDGET in over THREE years, Senator?) and “those nominees who will actually shape national policy.”

WTF!!? Are you senile or an idiot, Senator, not to think that all those other bureaucrats in that long list now excused from any approval by the Congress also act to “shape national policy” in dozens and dozens of little, unnoticed, behind-the-scenes ways? What do you think Obama has already been doing with all of his czars and czarinas (about 40 on the taxpayer payroll) and all of his regulatory agency rulings? Now, you want to brag that “in a bipartisan way,” you’ve just made it EASIER for him? This is NOT the type of things most Americans want the Congress to “come together in a bipartisan way” over, you lamebrains. How about the damn budget? How about that infamous Joe Biden three-letter word JOBS? How about the damn deficit, debt and declining US foreign policy influence in the world? How about saving MediCare and Social Security?

Or how about insisting the DOJ and/or SEC hold somebody responsible, possibly even criminally, for the likes of Goldman Sachs and Jon Corzine simply not knowing where billions of their investors’ money went? When did, “Uh, I dunno” become an excuse any CEO could give a Congressional committee over such loses and apparent incompetence and/or downright fraud and still get away with it? Or has Congress forgotten how to do that from the days of Jack Abramoff, sentenced to six years in 2006, or Bernie Madoff, sentenced to life in 2009?

How about “in a bipartisan way” you spineless House and Senate so-called representatives of the people “come together” to investigate and hold the Obama Amateur Hour Administration accountable for all the waste, fraud and abuse of power it’s waged on the American people and our economy for the last three-plus years? How about THAT, Senator?

Get Obama OUT, along with LOTS of these spineless “congressionals” who are more concerned about getting reelected and going along to get along than doing their damn jobs!

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