How Liberals and Muslim Fanatics Are Alike

17 Sep

[I’ve been sick for a couple of weeks, but now I’m back.]

Liberals feel rather than think. So do Muslim fanatics. In fact, facts either confuse or are often irrelevant to both groups.

Liberals spend much of their time looking for things about which to be offended. So do Muslim fanatics. One almost needs a dog whistle and a secret decoder ring to decipher what liberals or Muslim fanatics will next hear or see which offends them. Of course, all of us in the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy are issued both the whistle and ring with our basic membership, but liberals and Muslim fanatics still catch us off guard sometimes.

Liberals protest in state capitols and public streets and other public and private venues, often destroying property and clashing with police or other security forces in the process. So do Muslim fanatics. Some liberals desecrate our flag. So do Muslim fanatics. Some liberals burn our presidents in effigy. So do Muslim fanatics.

Liberals disregard our Constitution, especially when it conflicts with their progressive agenda. Muslim fanatics want to replace our Constitution with Sharia law (talk about a real “war on women”). Some liberals get mad apparently just to get mad. So do Muslim fanatics. I could go on, but I think you get the point.

Dr. Susan Rice, whose doctorate is, as is appropriate for a liberal, in philosophy, and our current UN ambassador, said in a recent interview that the attack on our consulate in Libya was not premeditated. Rice and other Team Obama players, to include Hillary’s State Department, have doubled down on the implausible meme that a little seen video trailer which has been out since July was the cause of attacks on our embassy personnel in Libya and Egypt on the 11th anniversary of 9/11.

Even without the FBI’s forensic investigation (if they ever get to conduct it under the weak Libyan government’s auspices) or any report from the CIA about any intel indicating pre-attack “chatter” (if they ever admit it), we already know the attack on the Libyan consulate was conducted by a band of about 20, armed with automatic weapons and RPGs (not your typical Arab street protesters), that they attacked the consulate in two waves (you know, kind of like a military operation — uh, like Al Qaeda does) and that they seemed to have inside info on the location of the consulate safe house. So, Rice’s assertion that it was not a premeditated, planned attack scheduled for the 9/11 anniversary appears ridiculous on its face.

It seems Team Obama, otherwise known as the Obama Amateur Hour Administration, was once again caught with its pants down on national security (when they’re not leaking national security secrets like a sieve, they’re missing the point entirely) and believes that if it consistently lies to us and everyone from Hillary, to Jay “Swarmy” Carney, to Susan Rice all repeat the same lie, that we will believe the lie, instead of that Obama’s foreign policy of apology and appeasement, “reset” relations and “soft power” is viewed as disengagement in the Middle East and therefore as weakness by our Muslim terrorist enemies. Why else, then, were the protesters at our embassy in Cairo shouting “Obama, Obama, we are all Osama, Osama”? Could they (also) resent how much credit Obama took for the killing of Osama bin Laden?

If it later comes out that it was a preplanned attack, despite Team Obama’s best efforts and the national news media ignoring the real story about either a failure of intel, or security, or foreign policy (or a mix of all of those) while they continue to bash Romney for speaking out at all, Team Obama will look even more out-of-touch with what’s going on in the world, especially in the Arab world and particularly in the Muslim terrorist world.

Some Obama “news” henchmen and handmaidens even challenged Romney that such partisanship and politics should stop at our shores, obviously forgetting that Obama’s 2009 Apologize for America tour not only didn’t stop at our shores but was actually delivered, in part, specifically to Muslims in Cairo. I think Romney correctly spoke out and although his comments could have been better crafted and therefore more forceful, at least his instinct not to apologize for America but to defend it was correct. I just wish he had waited one more day so Team Obama would have had time to look even more foolish.

One thing’s for sure, despite all the media complaining about George W. Bush’s so-called “cowboy diplomacy” and unilateralism (both untrue characterizations), BHO is no GWB in really protecting American interests at home and abroad and Susan Rice is certainly no Dr. Condoleezza Rice (whose doctorate is in political science) — not even close.

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      Thanks for visiting and commenting. All comments are welcomed, whether people agree with me or not. I’m just trying to contribute to the discourse. Visit again and invite your friends as well.

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