When Nanny Doesn’t Know What the Hell She’s Doing

20 Sep

Going to gas up any time soon? Well, if current gas prices aren’t enough of an insult to your pocketbook (they’re currently double what they were about four years ago — you know, when you-know-who became president and promised us all that hopey-changey stuff), now you may have to buy at least four gallons of gas, no matter how much, or little, you may need, or for what you may need it.

President Obama’s Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recently mandated (aren’t you learning to just hate that word?) that all consumers in the United States must purchase at least four gallons of gasoline when they go to the gas station, if they are getting fuel from a pump that offers a new E15 ethanol-gasoline blend.

Big Nanny State Team Obama’s “we know what’s better for you than you do” wants consumers to use more of the E15 fuel, a blend that contains 15 percent ethanol, but the problem is that many gas stations use blender pumps, which offer several types of fuel and, after pumping, there’s a residual amount of fuel left in the hose. E15 fuel can potentially damage all engines made prior to 2000 and specifically cannot be used in motorcycles, ATVs, and many other engines, such as lawn mowers and boat engines. So, to circumvent potential problems (and “fix” a problem of its own making), Obama’s EPA is requiring a 4-gallon minimum purchase from blender pumps to ensure that any E15 fuel residue is diluted.

Putting aside, in this article at least, the constitutionality of the EPA now mandating how much gas we have to buy, and, I might add, of an ethanol-gasoline blend which has not yet even been approved/produced for nationwide consumption, my question is where does the Nanny State stop in trying to interfere in our lives?

New York City’s liberal, blithering Mayor “I have to stand on a soapbox not only to be heard but also to be seen” Bloomberg tells you everywhere you can’t smoke (but I can tell you, as a former smoker, if you really want to smoke, you will find a place to do it), how much salt you can put on your food (how does bombastic Bloomey enforce that one?) and what size Slurpy you can buy (although you can buy two equaling the same volume as the banned size, so what’s the point, except that you have to spend more money?); Chicago Democratic Mayor Rambo Rahm Emanuel oversteps his bounds (read: exceeds his mayoral authority and risks violating the law) and tells Chick-fil-A they can’t open franchises there, because their values conflict with Chicago’s values (whatever those are); ObamaCare mandates that you have to buy health insurance or you will have to pay a penalty (uh, tax); and the list goes on and on, especially under the Obama Amateur Hour Administration.

This action by Obama’s EPA is another example of Big Nanny Government overreaching and trying to mandate a one-size-fits-all solution, this time to once again push more of Obama’s green agenda. They’ve instituted this “rule” to help increase the number of E15 pumps at gas stations across the country, so more of us will use more of the E15 fuel blend. It’s not unlike the Chevy Volt being subsidized with taxpayer money to the tune of $250K per car, or Obama pouring millions of taxpayer dollars down the yawning hole of Solyndra and other green energy, too-soon-to-go-bankrupt businesses.

Ten percent ethanol gasoline is bad enough; 15 percent can only be worse. Ethanol as a fuel is inefficient compared to gasoline. Its production is more costly, its burn rate is less efficient and it pollutes more. We need to do away with all ethanol subsidies. Corn should be used as food, not fuel — especially in this Obama economy of rising food, and fuel, prices.

It’s just like Obama’s FDA recently ruling on the size of school lunches, which aren’t large enough for the six-foot-tall, high school football player who burns 3,000 calories during a practice session but may be big enough for smaller, more sedentary students. One size does not fit all, and students, for many of whom lunch is their biggest meal of the day, are complaining that they’re left hungry. Which raises another issue, which is educational rather than nutritional: how do their grumbling stomachs affect their afternoon attention spans and studies? Aren’t our high schoolers already facing enough educational challenges?

The fact is, a Nanny State doesn’t work if Nanny doesn’t know what the hell she’s doing in the first place. I don’t care about Nanny’s good intentions. There’s an old saying about the road to somewhere being paved with those. I care about Nanny’s interference and the consequences which it causes, intended and especially unintended.

How about you? Tired yet of too Big Government telling you too much of what you can and cannot do? If so, then, vote out the Nanny Staters this November and let’s take our government back and make it smaller, less intrusive and more efficient — you know, like regular gasoline.

2 Responses to “When Nanny Doesn’t Know What the Hell She’s Doing”

  1. articles at 6:04 AM #

    Hello. impressive job. I did not anticipate this. This is a fantastic story. Thanks!

    • rmekrnl at 4:05 PM #

      Thanks for visiting and commenting. As we say in the South, ya’ll come agin soon now, and bring your friends,

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