News Flash! Obama Attending Daily Intel Briefings!

21 Sep

Yeah, after a real journalist pointed out that he wasn’t attending them for seven months (sort of like not meeting with his jobs council or his cabinet for the same period), he’s now attended intel briefings for five days in a row. Wow! And why is his doing his job news all of a sudden? Well, because him doing his job, instead of perennially campaigning, IS news, actually and unfortunately.

But he’s still out campaigning and fundraising, instead of in the Oval Office working or especially explaining to the American public how his “reset relations,” “apology and appeasement” and “soft power” feckless foreign policies have resulted in mass riots against America and Americans all across the Muslim world in general, including Obama himself in particular being burned in effigy. Guess those Muslims don’t love him like he thought they would.

And don’t tell me it’s the movie (the 17-minute trailer which has been out since July and which almost none, if any, of the Muslim protesters have even seen), like Team Obama first tried to do because they did not want to take responsibility for our first ambassador since 1979 being murdered, along with others, in a MUSLIM TERRORIST ATTACK ON 9/11.

One brief, Rose Garden address, with Hillary faithfully by his side (to show solidarity and/or take some of the blame later), the day after our ambassador and others were killed and our embassy in Cairo was stormed and our flag desecrated, at which he took no press questions, and then it was off to a fundraiser in Vegas. (At least, when Romney made a press appearance and correctly said it had been a terrorist attack, he took questions — and got ambushed by the colluding, liberal press for doing it.) Since then, nothing from Obama and a lot of false claims from his UN ambassador, Hillary and other state department mouthpieces, and his press secretary Jay “Swarmy” Carney for nine days.

So, no, not much credit for just showing up for intel briefings for a change after so long. After all, when he was an Illinois state senator, he voted “present” much of the time. That’s easy.

Now that he’s finally actually getting interactive intel briefings, when is he going to address the nation on what’s happening all across North Africa and into the Far East and, more importantly, what we’re going to do about it?

So far, crickets, but still time to schmooze with Jay Z and Beyonce, do a radio talk show with Pimp with a Limp, and appear on Letterman. He’s so cool, but he’s not much of a leader or a president.

2 Responses to “News Flash! Obama Attending Daily Intel Briefings!”

  1. Helen at 10:22 PM #

    certainly like your website but you have to check the spelling on quite a few of your posts. Several of them are rife with spelling problems and I find it very bothersome to tell the truth nevertheless I’ll surely come back again.

    • rmekrnl at 4:04 PM #

      I’m sorry. I really try to be careful, editing and re-editing the facts, opinions and conclusions I present. It would be really helpful if you could point out some of my misspellings in particular. My English is pretty good, but my typing not so much, so I could have committed some typos which I nor my automatic spell-checker didn’t catch. Thanks for commenting.

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