Obama’s Cult of Personality

24 Sep

I’ve lived long enough now to remember several national, political campaigns firsthand. I’m used to all the normal political campaign paraphernalia, that is, the campaign slogans, signs and shirts, the flags, festoons and falderal, the bumper stickers, buttons and badges. They normally all go away, except for politcal campaign memorabilia collectors, after the election is over, the votes are (all?) counted, and the winner determined.

But, I’ve never before seen in this country a candidate and then president who maintained such an “identifier” not only throughout his campaign but now also into his presidency as Obama has with his own, personal and distinctive logo, the red, white and blue “O” of his last name and, as its designers have stated, a symbol suggesting the idea of a rising sun and a new day over the horizon. Although cartoonist Ward Sutton once asked, “Is it a zero and a sunset over a deserted highway?” Maybe after almost four years of Obama’s abysmal record in office, Sutton was more right than he knew at the time — it is a zero and a sunset over a deserted highway. Obama’s turned out to be a zero, he’s sunsetted Americanism around the world, and the highway he has us on leads to nowhere, especially not to more and better jobs for Americans.

Whichever is your opinion, Obama’s logo is just like a corporate national brand logo. It’s like a sign for Coca-Cola or Pepsi. It’s everywhere, constantly reminding us of The One, whether we want to be reminded or not. It’s so ubiquitous that I’m a little surprised it’s not one of the keys on my computer keyboard, so I could use it as a smiley face in my email correspondence — not that I would. (I would probably remove it, like the Clinton staffers did to all the “Ws” on the White House computer keyboards before they left as George W. Bush took office. Such childishness — and, oh, by the way, destruction of government property, a federal crime, as well.)

Obama’s logo is the “O” in his current campaign slogan, the longtime socialist standby “FORWARD,” which he adopted after he realized that “Winning the Future,” or WTF, could be confused with, er, something else. It’s appeared on lectern signs when he’s given (read telepromptered) speeches. It’s on bumper stickers and badges and buttons, oh my. And now Obama’s logo supplants the blue, 50-starred canton on a representation of our national flag published by Obama’s election and reelection campaign organization.

Let me repeat that, just in case it slipped past you the first time. Obama’s logo now replaces the starry, blue canton field on a representation of our national flag.

Wasn’t it bad enough when some of his supporters put a picture of his head there on our national flag some months ago? I know our national flag has long been used as a political prop in various ways, to include bunting which mimics our national standard, but usually in its traditional form, as in a bank of flags behind politicians when addressing an audience, etc. But I have never seen any other politician, much less the President of the United States, change the representation of our flag itself, as if it were just another symbol to be “made over” in his image and to suit him. How clueless or how crass? How arrogant or how asinine?

Having long served in our military, saluted our flag, fought for what our flag represents and been proud of our flag above all others, I find Team Obama’s “remake” offensive and disgusting, as well as illegal, according to Chapter 1, Title 4, of the United States Code, often referred to as the US flag code. Although this is a federal law, it is advisory and there is no specified penalty for failure to comply with it, but it would seem that the president, of all people, would nonetheless want to ensure compliance with all of its requirements.

But, hmmm, this president has been guilty of not putting his hand over his heart when our colors pass by and has refused to repeat the pledge of allegiance to it while standing on the same stage as other politicians who are reciting the pledge — so maybe not. Then, there was that infamous public event at which Michelle Obama could be seen impatiently mouthing the words, “All this for a damn flag,” again, about our national colors, while Barack nodded in agreement.

If you couple all this with another recent gimmick of the Obama campaign, its so-called “For All” appeal to young voters, in which various Hollyweird airheads and other notables of one rank or another write messages on their hands (remember when liberals derided Sarah Palin for some notes on her hand?), put their hands over heir hearts and pledge allegiance to Obama, you have two clear indicators of out-of-touch and outlandish admiration run amok. One of the creepiest photos of this “For All” ploy is of Jim Messina, one of Obama’s main campaign guys, with a simpering smile on his face and some words written on his hands as he holds them over his heart. This has got to be worse than the cheesy and incessant appeals to send in $3 or $5 to the Obama campaign to perhaps win a dinner with Barack, or to forgo your wedding presents to have your guests contribute to Obama instead.

There have been other writers, much more knowledgeable than I about narcissism in general and Obama’s in particular, who have posited that Obama actually suffers from a mental disorder known as narcissistic personality disorder (NPD). His fondness for first person singular references in most of his speeches, as well as his arrogantly uplifted and jutting jaw (if he were a turkey in a rainstorm, he would drown) surely suggest a man all too full of himself. A legend in his own mind, as it were. Remember his 2008 acceptance speech in Denver about that being the day the seas began to rise and the Earth began to heal? Doesn’t that sound just a little megalomaniacal to you, especially now almost four years and an abysmal performance record later?

To me, pledging allegiance to a man, any man, suggests a cult mentality. Anyone with half a brain and eyes to see knows that many in the slavishly sycophantic, liberal lamestream media adore Obama — and prove it at every turn by trying to cover up his mistakes, instead of doing their jobs and objectively reporting the news. And, of course, the Holllyweird limousine liberal elite are just the kind of everyday folks Obama prefers to hang out with, and they also fawn all over him. He’s so cool. He’s so smooth. He’s so…..fill in your own admiring, gag-a-maggot modifier.

I only pledge allegiance to our flag, in its unaltered form, and to the nation for which it stands. I will never pledge allegiance to any man, even including The One. Make that especially not including The One.

Sociologist Max Weber has maintained the cult of personality holds parallels with what Weber defined as charismatic authority. A cult of personality is similar to hero worship, except that it is established by mass media and propaganda. It’s most often connected to charismatic leaders who hold big, carefully staged events and give stirring speeches, which the media then profusely praise, despite there being little or no substance to them. Sound like anyone you know?

If one ever needed proof of Obama being the one really out of touch with Middle America and its values, these two examples of our flag being modified and Team Obama wanting people to pledge allegiance to Our Dear Leader should be enough for anyone with a critical thinking brain cell. But, since, as the media have repeatedly said, he’s a rock star and rock stars have groupies who follow them around…..blindly, unthinkingly and adoringly, that all only serves to reinforce the Obama cult personality mentality.

And Obama has been aided and abetted in his cult of personality, first in gaining power in 2008 and now in trying to retain power in 2012, by the liberal lamestream media who try to hide his mistakes and fall over themselves fawning over him, while excoriating anyone who opposes him. They have served the function of Weber’s definition as establishing Obama’s hero worship by mass media and propaganda. We don’t have the old USSR’s Pravda as a propaganda arm of the incumbent in this country, because we don’t really need it. The alphabet networks, most of the major newspapers and most of cable news all perform the same function for Obama. They failed to properly vet him in 2008 and they continue to cover up for him in 2012.

Oh, by the way, I used Wikipedia and Bing to find out others who have used the cult of personality to gain and/or maintain power. They include: Stalin and Putin of Russia, Hitler of Germany, Juan Peron of Argentina, Chiang Kai-shek and Mao Zedong of China, all three of the Kim Great Leaders/Dear Leaders of North Korea, Ho Chi Min of Vietnam, Saddam Hussein of Iraq, Hafez al-Assad of Syria, Hugo Chavez of Venezuela, the Castros of Cuba and, on a non-national level, there is always David Koresh of Branch Dividian and Waco infamy and Jim Jones of the Peoples Temple and the 1978 mass suicide of over 900 Temple members in Jonestown, Guyana.

They all achieved and sought to retain power based on personality cultism. Many people have called most of these guys dictators, regardless of their being allegedly “freely elected” by their people. It appears Obama is also a rock star compared to them. What an achievement…..and what good company Obama is in.

4 Responses to “Obama’s Cult of Personality”

  1. Robert Bristol at 2:24 PM #

    Absolutely stellar analysis…and dead on regarding the company Obama keeps. Would you mind if I forward a copy of this to Phil Valentine?

    • rmekrnl at 3:21 PM #

      Thanks for your kind comments and feel free to forward it to whomever you like. The more distribution, the better, I think.

  2. ashanam at 2:53 PM #

    Nearly all of the US presidents since I was born have struck me as narcissists. It seems like part of the job description. (The. only exception was Jimmy Carter. And don’t ask me what I think of him. I was 6. I have no idea what he was really like.) Just vote for the person who will pass laws you agree with. Don’t expect them to also be people you admire. Public figures of any kind rarely are–from sports figures to artists to politicians. We are always disappointed in them. But with any luck they will at least do their jobs.

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