The Debate — Aftermath

5 Oct

My comments after reading a sampling of comments on a day-after NYT article about Obama claiming he didn’t know the guy who showed up to debate him:

Hey, after his flat performance, Obama claiming he had to debate a guy he didn’t know is about all he’s got to alibi himself. What really happened was that the REAL Romney showed up, not the one Team Obama had been falsely portraying in attack ads for months.

Maybe, like his own sycophantic, liberal, lapdog press coverage, Obama actually believed what his team has been putting out about Romney. If so, no wonder he wasn’t ready for the guy at the other podium — who was so obviously ready for him.

Focus groups, polls and most pundits agree Romney won the debate, some by a 70-to-30 margin. Even big Obama supporter, snide and snarky atheist and misogynist Bill Maher tweeted that maybe Obama DOES need his teleprompter. Those of you who can’t see (or admit) that are either blinded by drinking too much liberal Kool-Aid or have your heads stuck in the sand. Or maybe you think you’re In Egypt, sailing down De Nial.

Romney was energized and assertive. Obama, for whatever reason, was flat and subdued. Simple as that. Romney marshaled facts and stats. Obama often lapsed into talking points.

As to those of you who throw around how often Romney lied, show me some proof, give me some links to fact-checkers who’ve proved it, or just shut up. Such claims are not true just because you make them. It’s like High Horse Harry Reid saying Romney didn’t pay taxes for a decade, with NO proof at all.

One fact-check analysis I read the day after the debate, I think from (which is liberal, for those of you who don’t know), said that on the big issues Romney lied twice and Obama three times. I would call that a draw.

And for those of you still harping on Romney’s taxes (just one of Team Obama’s shiny objects to distract from his own abysmal record in office), get over it! Do you really think for one moment, especially with the way Obama has used his DOJ to go after states and companies he doesn’t like, that if ANYTHING were actually wrong with Romney’s taxes, Obama’s IRS wouldn’t have revealed it by now? What kind of dream world do you live in?

And, to close, here’s a good summary of post-debate excuses from the lamestream media (so far), posted by a contributor on the Fox Nation site:

Obama refused to counter-punch Romney because he’s afraid of being labeled an “angry black man” — Ed Schultz, MSLSD

Obama was oxygen starved and succumbed to the high altitude — Al Gore, of other inconvenient truths and lies

Obama must have been distracted by an event in his persona life — Bob Woodward, insider Washington author

Obama needed his teleprompter — Bill Maher, HBO comic, atheist, misogynist and Obama contributor

Romney’s lies were so pervasive they overwhelmed Obama — Bob Herbert, NYT op-ed columnist

And my personal favorite, to which I alluded at the beginning:

Obama didn’t debate the “real” Mitt Romney — wasn’t prepared for a stranger — Barack Obama

One Response to “The Debate — Aftermath”

  1. Saltwater at 3:48 PM #

    Just for the moment, let us concede the 0bama supporters’ explanations for his performance are valid – all of them. He didn’t want to seem angry. His debate coaches failed him. He was distracted by personal events. He was hypoxic. The moderator didn’t control the forum. His opponent lied. Given those circumstances, that he folded like a three-legged card table is even more disturbing.

    Team 0bama likes to describe the President’s style as “leading from behind.” That characterization has long given me pause. Why would anyone lead from behind, unless afraid of being in front? Perhaps it wasn’t so much the “real” Romney took stage Wednesday night, as the “real” 0bama showed his true colors – complete with broad stripe in a primary color between green and orange.

    We deserve a President who can stand up as a leader in the face of adversity, a person who does not require scripted speeches, adoring crowds, and compliant media to facilitate intestinal fortitude. The befuddled, submissive person who debated Romney is not the one to entrust with our Nation’s future in this increasingly hostile world.

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