Obama’s Benghazi-gate — Conspiracy, Coverup, Cowardice and Criminality?

26 Oct

About Obama’s Benghazi-gate, let me refer you to some scripture: “None are so blind as those who would not see.”

Liberals may derisively call it “Faux News for ignorant people” all they want, but if not for the excellent and daily reporting on the Benghazi terrorist attack by Fox News, especially breaking news by Homeland Security reporter Catherine Herridge, Special Report anchor Bret Baier and Pentagon reporter Jennifer Griffin, we would not know what happened at all. The liberal, lamestream, lapdog media, protecting Obama as usual, surely haven’t given the scandal much, if any, coverage.

Now, today, because of Fox News:

(a) we know that our people on the ground in Benghazi made three separate requests for backup during the 6 – 9 hours of that attack and were denied,

(b) that State Department officials, and likely the White House Situation Room, watched the attack in progress in real time on video,

(c) that such requests for help and one of our consulates being under attack would have gone up the CIA chain to Langley and into the White House Situation Room,

(d) that there was a meeting among Obama, Biden and Secretary of Defense Panetta in the White House while the attack was underway, and

(e) that military assets were in positions where they could have been used to make a probably life-saving difference, yet were never given the “go” order.

Leon Panetta’s pathetic claim a few days ago that no military assistance was sent because of the “fog of war” and the caution of not sending more forces in until the situation on the ground was more clear is blatantly belied by today’s revelations of our people on the ground (and who should know better?) describing the on-the-ground situation during the attack, even to include that they, acting as Special Ops FO’s (forward observers) often do, had laser targeted the mortar positions which were shelling the consulate annex and which subsequently killed some of our people.

That means aircraft could have been sent in (instead of just to make loud noise or possibly just cause collateral damage to innocents, as one Obama official said) to make precision target strikes on those mortar positions and the terrorists manning them.

So, apparently, although they well knew what was happening on the ground in Benghazi, to include that our people were being attacked and likely killed, and that make-a-difference military assets were available to be used in a timely manner, the Obama people in the White House, in the White House Situation Room, at the State Department and at the CIA watched and waited, hesitating or not desiring to not only do anything to help but also not to do the right thing.

However much liberals and the lamestream media may want to protect Obama or defend the indefensible, I’ve got a new, proposed headline for you: “Obama’s Benghazi-gate — Conspiracy, Coverup, Cowardice and Criminality?” Whether before or after the election, Benghazi-gate will hopefully bring down the Obama presidency, as so well it should.

2 Responses to “Obama’s Benghazi-gate — Conspiracy, Coverup, Cowardice and Criminality?”

  1. Saltwater at 5:27 PM #

    The only “video” involved with the Benghazi mission assault was a live feed to the White House situation room, where ghoulish REMFs, watching the slow-motion massacre in real time, REFUSED repeated pleas for help by those under attack.

  2. JimBob at 6:50 PM #

    Where is the public advocacy group working to be sure this issue never leaves the public consciousness (a la Cindy Sheehan)? Who is organizing the marches, occupantions, and similar? It is clear the medica hope this issue is quickly forgotten.

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