Obama 3.0? — Hardly

16 Jan

I just read a (-nother) sycophantic ABC online article about Obama 3.0 and there being a “new president in town” — (a) progressive, (b) resolute, (c) challenging “the Congress” (which is politi-speak for the Republican controlled House), (d) leading and not just leaving it to Congress to pass major legislation, as even the lapdog media admit he did with ObamaCare (which was, uh, the Democratically controlled Congress, both houses at the time, who drafted it behind closed doors and in secret, plus voted to approve it without even reading it, if I remember correctly), and (e) unwilling to any longer meet in private to negotiate compromises (which actually is welcomed, because it makes it harder for him to move the goal posts at the last moment as he has done before and blame a lack of progress on the other guy). Of course House Speaker Boehner already beat Obama to that marker, saying he would no longer try negotiating in private with Obama but would instead “let the House work its will,” I suspect finally realizing the truth of the axiom “fool me once…, fool me twice…”

My response to the ABC article and Obama’s so-called gun violence press conference today:

No, there’s not a new president in town. Same liberal progressive we’ve had since 2009, using more Kabuki theater and kids to sell his policies with emotion rather than logic, capitalizing on the national tragedy of Sandy Hook to push more gun control (don’t let a good disaster go to waste), with little of substance to address the real problem of preventing deranged people, who are the ones misusing guns to commit the mass killings, from having access to guns.

One example of how much Obama’s presser today was about appearances rather than real, comprehensive and much-needed mental health care reform or revision of Hollywood’s standards for guns and guts movies, the video game industry’s obsession with ever more realistic games to “kill” people, or gangsta rap’s advocacy of violence, especially toward women, was the fact that one of the 23 EOs he’s so slavishly touted by the Left as signing reminded him to appoint a new ATF chief, something it’s already his responsibility to do. That’s a perfect metaphor for doing anything to run up the numbers and make activity appear to be action.

Only fools take an unserious man seriously.


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