Remember Obama’s auto industry bailout?

30 May

You know, the one in which Obama illegally fired the CEO of a major, US corporation, namely General Motors, or GM, thereafter known as Government Motors?

The one which Ford Motor Company refused and subsequently did just fine all on its own?

The one in which Obama tried to influence a federal bankruptcy judge, a felony in and of itself?

The one in which Obama unconstitutionally abrogated over 200 years of US contract case law to favor his union buddies over first-place stockholders?

The one in which Obama selectively shut down literally thousands of local community car dealerships in a draconian trim-the-fat measure, the great majority of which just happened to be owned by conservatives and/or others who had not contributed to Obama’s campaign or supported his election?

And this at the beginning of the so-called Great Recession (now long-protracted instead of cured by Obama’s failed economic policies), when many of those local car dealerships were the biggest businesses there were in many small communities all across the country, especially in what liberals like Obama consider “flyover country,” where all the rubes live, clinging to their Bibles and guns.

That was also the same bailout which Obama said was to “save” the American car industry and ensure that our car manufacturing would be restored here at home and never be outsourced overseas.

Yeah, THAT Obama auto bailout.

Well, that was then and this is now — and the following article wasn’t written by me:

Draw your own conclusions.

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