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NSA Leaker Snowden: The Bigger Picture

14 Jul

The Obama Amateur Hour Administration continues chasing its tail to catch Edward Snowden, alleged leaker of the National Security Agency’s (NSA) national security secrets, so Obama finally declared, probably in frustration, that he had more important things to do than be concerned with a 29-year-old hacker. Really?

Well, yeah, Mr. Prez-Boy, we “feel your pain” and understand your efforts to downplay this whole thing, but the guy did reveal a HUGE national security “secret” and that’s kind of important, even if you’ve proven yourself once again inept and impotent to do anything about it, as with so many other things.

And, in another instance of the Obama Admin’s left hand not knowing (or apparently not caring) what its right hand is doing (otherwise known as contrary or contradictory actions), how do you square that you’re dismissing as “just a hacker” someone who your Attorney General Eric “The Arrogant” Holder’s Department of INjustice is saying is a traitor and leaker of national security secrets extraordinaire and your own NSA director has testified before Congress has done irreparable harm to our national security methods and interests? Evidently, part of the mental disorder of ideological liberalism also includes large elements of incongruity and cognitive dissonance as well.

Russia’s Putin is saying Snowden is not actually IN Russia and that’s why they “can’t” do anything. And the Russkies will probably continue saying Snowden is there but not there until he’s suddenly somewhere else.

First, he was going to Cuba and lots of lame lamestream media types wasted their news agencies’ money booking seats on a flight on which they could only take pictures of the empty seat Snowden might have sat in, had he been on that flight, which he was not. He was still IN Russia but not technically IN Russia, as I mentioned before. Then, Snowden was going to Ecuador. And now, most recently, he’s supposed to be going to Venezuela for asylum. I’m sure Snowden will be treated well in Venezuela, even though Chavez is thankfully still dead, and the climate there is very nice, I hear.

But let’s face it, the Chinese and now the Russians are having great fun with this whole thing at the expense of the reputation of the US and our feckless prez-boy who leads from behind and keeps drawing lines in the sand and then doing little or nothing to enforce them.

All the while the very capable Chinese and Russian intel services are, with or without Snowden’s complicity, accessing whatever he has on the alleged four laptops full of classified US intel he’s carrying. Snowden, Obama, nor anyone else should be naive about that.

The fact is, other world leaders who may be our trade partners but are certainly not really our friends are making hay over our having a prez who they know is weak and indecisive. Reagan, along with Gorbachev, ended the Cold War and Bush I, Clinton and Bush II maintained that, but Obama’s failed, so-called “reset” policy with Russia in particular and feckless foreign policy in general are fast and furiously frittering all that away.

China, who wants to be a superpower, and Russia, who used to be a superpower, are enjoying themselves at the expense of the US, who used to be more of a superpower than it is now, after four-and-a-half years under Obama.

But the bigger picture about Snowden and the NSA is not what has seemingly been most debated in the social and other media, to wit, is Snowden a traitor or a hero, but two other, bigger things.

The first of these is the question of how a former high school dropout and 29-year-old former CIA, then NSA contract employee had sufficient classified clearance and access to know what he claims to know — and to have misappropriated it? That would indicate to me, someone who used to have a Cosmic Top Secret Atomal clearance (I know, I’m not making this up and I didn’t totally understand it either), a glaring need to tighten up our classified info access standards. Maybe not just anyone or everyone should be cleared to have access to our most sensitive classified info, ya think?

And, the second thing is, whether it was patriotic or not, whether he’s a hero or a traitor, whether he could have done it a better way or not, Snowden’s revelations have served the public interest in revealing the extent of the NSA’s spying on Americans and, more recently, our allies, and is as well truly telling about the Orwellian world we now live in — little to no expectation of privacy anywhere, at any time, in any way.

And those of you who thought CBS’s show Person of Interest about “the machine” was mere fiction might now need to rethink that, too. Feeling your freedoms being frittered away much?


Third Presidential Debate — First Impressions

23 Oct

Obama played checkers. Romney played chess. Obama played tactics. Romney played strategy. Obama went small ball. Romney went big picture. Obama sometimes went petty. Romney stayed the happy warrior throughout. Obama, especially during the last half of the debate, looked so intently at Romney (possibly overcompensating from looking down too often in the first debate which he lost so badly) that he almost seemed like a cobra coiled to strike at the first opportunity, but Romney just wouldn’t really give him one. Romney looked pretty relaxed throughout. Obama sometimes seemed defensive, whereas Romney seemed aspirational and optimistic for a restored America and her people.

I was one of those who wanted Romney to just bloody Obama about Bengahzi-gate, the security failures before and the coverup after, but Romney’s strategy of avoiding it, although Obama even tried to pull him back into it at one point, was probably the better idea. Romney probably knows that enough about Benghazi-gate will have to come out in even Obama’s liberal lapdog media now, because of Congressional investigations and Senatorial letters to Obama demanding answers, that Romney himself didn’t need to push it tonight.

So, Romney on style and, surprise, surprise, likability (happy warrior) and Obama on debate points, although some of them were small and petty. Romney also on a strong economy being the basis for projecting strong foreign policy, delivering the same devastating analysis of Obama’s failed economic policies as in other debates, for which Obama had no answer.

Romney, too, on laying out in more detail what he would have done differently, even about what Obama has already done on foreign policy, plus other measures and considerations in dealing with Iran and Pakistan, whereas Obama was left with simply stressing more of the same, much of which we know hasn’t worked.

Romney also on not allowing Obama to draw him into seeming to be some crazed warmonger, which Romney knew was part of the Obama strategy for this debate. So, overall, Romney. He did what he needed to do to sustain the momentum he gained in the first debate and sustained in the second debate.

Oh, and the post-debate fact-checkers? Obama got it wrong more than Romney and even what Romney got wrong was only partially wrong.

As to Obama’s condescending comments about Romney not understanding how our military works, that the days of horses and bayonets are gone, etc., suffice to say the post-debate tweet by one Marine, that Marines still use bayonets (as do Soldiers, by the way), shows maybe Obama also doesn’t understand all he pretends to about our military and its warrior ethos.

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